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Tucson Healing Mastermind Retreat

December 6-8, 2019

How do we stay present, alert, calm and focused, while caring for others and ourselves, healing old wounds, managing our relationships, succeeding at our professions and handling life’s challenges with energy to spare?

While nutrition and fitness are incredibly beneficial, our health extends well beyond our physical needs. Our mind and heart are powerful build-in technologies that, if better understood, can provide us with sustained well being.


Join the Deep Healing Mastermind Retreat with Master Healer Leah Crump and Heartmath Trainer, Heidi West in Tucson, AZ December 6-8. We’ll dive deep into stress management and wellness techniques taught to military, first responders, trauma workers and healers all over the world.


We will become masters of the four components of resiliency. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual resiliency. You will learn techniques that can break through challenging emotions, free up energy and improve relationships. We will dive deeper into the intricate relationship between mind, body, and heart. Look forward to a special emphasis on building emotional energy reserves and resiliency.

Along with the application of yoga, breath and energy work, obstacles will begin to melt away.


You will walk away with new skills and inner peace for your next great chapter of life. Heartmath Certification included!


Lodging, All Meals, and Mastermind Retreat
$600 ($310 deposit option available. Balance due December 1.)


Mastermind Retreat (no lodging, lunch on Saturday)


Space is limited. Lodging includes a SHARED ROOM and possible a shared bed. Bring a loved one – friends and couples welcome!

Upon registration, you will be sent a Welcome Packet with all further information you need. Waiver required. No refunds within 30 days.

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"I'm very pleased with Leah's practice. She is attentive and understanding. She has encouraged communication throughout our time together which made me feel very comfortable. I've been with Leah for over a year now."
– Ashley T.
"Leah is very intuitive and her therapeutic skills are excellent. Leah has a very calm demeanor and her space is beautiful, relaxing and peaceful. I highly recommend Leah to everyone, but especially those with chronic injuries. She is very thorough and takes her clients' concerns and expectations seriously."
– Laurie B.
"Leah is the most intuitive therapist I have ever found."
– Najah A.
"Leah is a healer! She is a present soul and a talented therapst. Im grateful to have her as a part of my self care regimen."
– Heidi D.
masterful coaching.
Allow yourself to become immersed in major positive life shifts with wellness integration coaching, with a trusted, caring, and motivating coach.
Today’s world is hectic, and self-care is essential. Integrating wellness coaching and the healing arts into your life can help you rebalance. Leah is a dedicated empathic healer, and keeps a sharp focus on your overall wellbeing. Transformative wellness coaching, public and private yoga classes, and soothing holistic health treatments will bring you to your next levels of wellbeing.
BEND, OR 97701.

and at large.

about Leah.

compassionate and skilled healer.

I have enjoyed almost two decades of certified experience in the healing arts, and bring a practical and calming spirit to my work. Having helped over 15,000 clients with wellness integration, pain relief,  and emotional healing since 2004. An Oregon native, I moved home to Bend after living in coastal San Diego for fifteen years. My training was obtained at the International College of Holistic Studies where I earned an advanced degree in Holistic Health, earning mutiple specialized certifications. A lifelong student, I continue my deep study and application of body-mind modalities internationally in places like Hawaii, Thailand, Burma, Mexico, and India – such as breathwork, yoga, hypnotherapy, and ayurveda.  One of my favorite methodsto help my clients is to develop customized integrative wellness plans, getting to the root of issues, encouraging accountability,  and most importantly, “do-able” lifestyle recommendations that generate massive transformation.  As many experienced practitioners note, being able to quickly discern how to best serve people is very rewarding and fun! My purpose is to assist clients gain a life reaffirming sense of vitality, balance, and peace.
benefits of Coaching.
Recognize and support your progress along the way:

It’s a collaborative relationship, which gives you a greater sense of empowerment and ownership. It also means that the resolutions and life-changes you make during the coaching process are far more likely to continue working for you in the longer term.

Non-judgmental: A good coach will create – and hold – a safe, trustworthy space for you to share your feelings, dreams, and ideas during coaching sessions. And all your feelings that come to the surface are welcome and valid. For the client, the experience of being listened to non-judgmentally is a rare and profound experience, and it’s a cornerstone of effective coaching relationships.

Constructive and forward-looking: Unlike traditional forms of psychotherapy, coaching won’t analyse you or dissect your past experiences. It may help you to let go of old limiting beliefs that aren’t benefiting you any more, but the focus of the sessions is your present situation and future path. To this end, the coach guides you through the design and implementation of clear, motivating goals and plans.

masterful coaching.
Allow yourself to become immersed in major positive life shifts with wellness integration coaching, with a trusted, caring, and motivating coach.
We provide Insurance Billing for auto and personal injury claims. We are also registered to accept FSA and HSA payments.
Auto Accident Insurance Billing
Oregon auto insurance polices cover your care for massage therapy. Massage therapy can be used for the treatment of whiplash and other accident-related injuries. This can reduce inflammation and scar tissue, reduce muscle spasms, and relive pain. Even minor accidents can cause major injuries. Getting treatment after an accident is crucial to recovery. LCMT provides insurance billing for auto accident claims. A proper prescription is required.
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And at large.


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